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New Brakes New Problem Help Plzzz

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I ahve new rotors and pads just stock replacement rotors & pads are nothing special just ceramic. Its only the drivers side brake that is making this noise. It is like nails on a chalk board. The noise is the entire time im driving but it gets really loud and faster(continous) when i apply my brakes.
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Well, first of all, stop driving the car. The is something wrong and by driving the car it is more than likely making the problem worse. If I was in your shoes, I jack up the car and make sure you can move that wheel. If you cannot (which I suspect you can't) your pads are rubbing all the time (thus the squeal all the time). Your rim will get hella hot when driving. Take just that wheel's calipers and pads off to see what the problem is. Look for grooves, etc.
Best wishes.
Yea when i pull the wheel off it wont turn
Hopefully it solve itself when you take it back apart, otherwise start looking for a new caliper :( This same problem happen to my girlfriends car (an Impala) and the caliper was done for. That cost me $400 since her car was stranded far from home...notice how I said "me" :(
I dont know if you've solved your problem yet but the exact same thing just happened to me last week, I changed the pads and the passanger side was making the described noise. I just bled my passenger side caliper and it went away. hope this can help.
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