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New clutch installed yet it still slips?

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A new clutch and slave cylinder was installed in my 91 eclipse. The pedal has proper amount of pressure. The clutch slips only through 3rd,4th and 5th gear. And when i say slip i mean minor slip, like when it's in 3rd and you push the gas to the floor that's when it slips. But if you accelerate at a constant speed it's works just fine. Do I have to adjust the master cylinder rod, if so how do i go about this? Any help with this would be great, thanks
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When you did the clutch replacement, was there oil in the bellhousing? If so, then you either have a leaky rear main seal, or a leaky input shaft seal in your transmission. If any type of oil gets on your clutch disk, it will slip. You can try bleeding the clutch and adjusting the pedal if you feel that it is not completely disengauging (try that first). I would guess though that oil is getting in your bellhousing which is what made the original clutch slip in the first place.
Did you previously adjust the clutch pedal rod or use a slave cylinder extension rod? These two things could be applying pressure to the slave cylinder and you not know it.
I dont know if I have a extended slave cylinder extension rod, so how do I find out? Does anyone know the length of the longer rod? I just installed act 2600 but there was a unkown pressure plate with a 6 puck clutch in there before I replaced it. So I need to know if i need the bigger rod or if it already has it.
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