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:eek: Allright check out this project. It all started when I gave my boss a ride home from work. When we arrived at his house I saw a 1994 GS sitting out back and asked him whos it was and he told me it was his. The best part about this car is that it is a POS, big time! I saw it from the back and all four tires were flat. Then circling around to the front i saw an impact on the passenger side fender/bumper. I asked him how long its been like that and he said for over a year. After doing some negotiations he said just to give him $300 and I don't have to pay him right away.

After finally getting it started, I drove it home and found a lot of things wrong with it. The battery needs to be replaced, the whole front end, windshield, along with some locks and door problems, and wheels.

Today I tore off the front end, and found out I need to get the frame straightened and a whole new sub frame, along with the engine mount going straight down the center of the car to be horribly bent.

I've found most of everything I need to fix it, except for the stuff I found today. I was wondering if someone could give me a couple repair sites. The cost so far is a grand and I want to go cheaper then that if I can.

Thanks for the replies,
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