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no boost.....

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a couple of weeks ago i was driving, then i started to hear a noise that sounded very similar to the "winding up" sound of the turbo, except, the winding was really loud, well, louder than it normally was.......then it went away, and now no boost....could it be that my turbo siezed up, or the rod to the actuator is off or something to that matter.....the blades on the intake side of the turbo are fine.....and when i would hit the gas, it would spool loud for a couple of secs and then it would boost....what could this be??
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Yep, your turbo could be seized up. Remove the intake piping and put your finger inside the turbo to see if you can move the compressor wheel. Spin it, if it spins also check for shaft play.
you said the actuator arm is off? this allows exhaust to bypass the turbne and flow out the exhaust without creatng boost, not sure why it made that noise and then did it though.
no the are is still attached.....i was just thinking maybe it came off, but anyway, the arm is on and i thought maybe the wg was stuck shut b/c on the stock gauge, it shows alittle past the 0 , which is i guess considered boost, but not nearly as much as usual.....last time i checked the blades spinned fine, no bends or nothing.....also i notices when i removed the stock bov...there was alittle oil, my friend said that means my turbo was leaking....what could it be....i didnt feel any shaft play, not to a huge extent anyway
well the oil is from the breatehr system..if you have a stock intake.. try looking at the blades of the turbo again
Your sure , it can be the wheel of your turbo that is grinding inside the compressor. How's the shaftplay?
The stock guage doesn't actually measure boost. Your turbo is done.
Yeah take your intake pipe off and feel the turbo compressor for play, do this before you do anything else. Your turbo is most likely shot.
so just grab the blades and try to move it back and fourth, and if theres any play, what does that mean besides shaft play........and what if the blades arent bent and still spin freely....where do i go from there??
if they spin freely, you may still have snapped the "connecting rod". run the car with the air cleaner off, and look to see if it spins while idling. if it does, everything there is ok, but you may have a busted wastegate flapper if you are not getting boost.
alright, thank you....so if it doesnt spin then the rod, or shaft is broke...and im better off just waiting to buy another...is it bad to drive w/o it...it seems fine.....is it hard to replace the waste gate flapper......
chances that the shaft are broken are very slim. like a 99 percent chance that it isn't that, you are saying that it got louder, than didn't work at all, if anyone has ever had a turbo go out in them they know that when it diwl it makes a louder wine but nit fir that long, than it dies. Check for side play in the compressor wheel. chances are that your bearings are fried. You can pick a stock 14b up off the tuner for under 100 bucks. Sucks today though, there server has been down or something.
the noise would get louder untill about 3500 or so then it was boost again, untill it just stopped boosting on the way home......what i thought was, its siezed, but i doesnt show any sign of leaking......other than from the breather system.....i dunno...i can replace the bearings in the turbo...is that hard??....what about if the turbo is leaking from the middle..are those seals or something....is this fixable?
the car will function fine with no turbo. You are better off getting a new turbo than rebuilding that one. Upgrade time!
my friend wants to sell me his small 16g ported and clipped turbo...and i like sock manifold for 350...is that a good deal, it only has 5000k miles on it...how long can these last with proper care?i know they go for like 500 new...will the stock manifold be okay untill i can upgrade that, and whats a good one to use with that turbo?
shekky said:
The stock guage doesn't actually measure boost. Your turbo is done.
What does the stock gauge measure then? How would you hook up an aftermarket gauge to get an accurate reading? I just hooked mine to the vacuum tube.
are you saying you hooked your "stock" guage to vaccum? the stock guage is an approximation by the computer of what it thinks you are running. Aftermarket guages actually measure boost by hooking into the vac sysatem.
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