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no dissengaging after clutch swap.

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I just got done doing my clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate installation on my 95 talon tsi awd. ACT 2600 and lightened flywheel. I also replaced my clutch slave cylinder and put a steel braided clutch line in from the slave cylinder to right beneath my air intake, this completely removed a fluid reservoir. I am now having the problem that my clutch is not fully disengaging. If the engine is running I have to force the vehicle into gear and the wheels automatically start to turn, if I can get it into gear at all. Any solutions or experience with this would be greatly appreciated. I want to drive my f*cking car!!!!
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Bleed the clutch!
OK sorry for not giving you the proper amount of information in the original post. I have bleed the crap out of the clutch. It just feels like the clutch doesn't even have any pressure until it is just above the ground. Even when it does have pressure it still isn't enough to engage. Thank you.
Adjust the clutch pedal via the adjustment rod. I'll even do the legwork for ya :)

Did you check the step of the flywheel before you installed it? It should be stepped to .610" Start with the clutch adjustment and see if that works. That's the easiest fix.
I'll assume he used an ACT flywheel, which is stepped properly for an ACT clutch. If not, then enjoy yanking the tranny just to pull the flywheel and verify the step.
If I were you I would check replace the slave cly with your old one, that is if it is good. The reason I say this is things from the factory have been known to be bad.
Thank you to all I will keep you posted. :)
The beast is alive and the clutch adjustment was the trick. I am very gratefull to all and wish you all could come to Washington and play with hondas with me.
Good for you. I wish i could be that lucky. i did the act flywheel with the act 2600 but forgot to replace and shim the pivotball. Now i can feel the tranny want to grind a little bit goin into most of the gears and the pedal is pretty low to the floor. adjuster is almost maxed. Go me!! now i have to go back in and put about 10 dollars of parts and lotz of hours of time to fix my problem and save my trans!
Yea, glad you got it fixed. You could be like me and have all new parts and already sent out the clutch and flywheel system to ACT and they say it's fine. But, it still won't disengage. Now, I have to drop the tranny a THIRD time and tell ACT to take a hike because I did EVERYTHING they said. (not me but a shop my car is at). Been without my car for 3 months (2 my brother had it, 1 in the shop).
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