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No instrument panel lights...help.

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I got the car without any of these lights working, i have replace numerous fuses and none are blown or seem to blowing over and over. Anyone else experienced this problem?
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my friend had this problem after someone thought he should wire in the new radio and not let me do it and all his dash lights went out (the car was a 90 celica btw so..) it turned out that he screwed up the ground wire.... so id go check to make sure ur dash lights are getting proper grounding. my best suggestion.goodluck
Dimmer switch isn't plugged in. Try searching next time.
did you look under the hood for a blown TAIL fuse??? It's very common.
Yep on 1G the rear light and dash are on the same fuse, its located in the engine bay tought, bot the lick panel fuse box
I replaced the tail fuse under the hood and i have no blown fuses by the kick panel. my dimmer switch is also plugged it. Can i use a wire to jump power from another 15amp fuse over to the cluster fuse?
i have about the same problem, but im sure its just something loose because when i bought the car it was working fine for about 8 months, and now it just turns on and off randomly while i drive, but the needles still work, if you figure out whats causing it give me a heads up because i dont touch with stuff under the dash
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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