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Noob on the BOARD!!!

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What's up out there to all you DSMers!

My name is Craig, a 29 Year Old Lunatic from NY! Just wanted to make intros, and see if Ralliart is still on the Boards!!

That movie I got from you when I helped you move your video store broke, and I want a refund. ;-)
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97 AWD Talon, that just walked its crank into the sensor today, or so I think.
Yeah, looks like it. I am getting a fully built 7 bolt for cheap for now till I can source out a decent 6 bolt, that I can built and boost.
if your from nyc check out nyccdsm.com big site for you Ny folks.
Thanks guys.

I am on the NYCDSM board quite a bit. I missed the meet yesterday thanks to work. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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