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nukefission's Ride

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1991 Eclipse GSX, 122,000 miles (yes, that paint is original!)

Many of you are already familiar with the recent progress on my car via the two threads: Diary of a Rebuild and Diary of a Rebuild II.

This is my 2nd of 4 DSMs. A NT '91 Eclipse was my first car, but in 2000 I saw the GSX on a dealer lot with only 59,000 miles on it. I picked it up and sold the NT. Between then and 2002, the modding process was somewhat slow as I added an exhaust, clutch, boost controller, etc. My very first drag race was at the 2001 DSM Shootout, where I ran a 13.6 @ 100 and finished 4th in the autocross (also a first). I was hooked.

Since then, the car has gone through several changes and one blown engine (2.4L). In the past two years, the car has been running only a few months. Hopefully the new motor/turbo combination will last a bit longer.


GT35R, T04S ported cover, T4 .68 v-band exhaust
DNP T4 tubular exhaust manifold, wrapped
TiAL 44mm wastegate
Custom 3" v-banded O2 housing
Custom Buschur 3" exhaust, no cat, v-banded
JM Fabrications sheet intake (custom swelled for greater volume ;))
Indy Race Cores 2-216 race core (28" x 10.5" x 3.5")
Custom 2.5" powdercoated steel intercooler pipes

2.3L, 8.0:1 Venolia pistons, Oliver rods
Main cap girdle
ARP main studs, mains align honed
Mitsu metal headgasket
FP/Ferrea valvetrain
FP3 cams
Unorthodox "Tuner T" adjustable cam gears
No balance shafts
Factory oil squirters
Ported oil pressure relief hole
Buschur Racing alternator relocation bracket
ATI damper pulley
NGK BPR8ES plugs
NGK wires
-10AN crankcase vent
JM Fabrications custom deluxe oil catch can
JM Fabrications deluxe coolant overflow bottle
160* thermostat
Indy Race Cores aluminum radiator w/ SPAL high-flow fan

Bosch 044 pump
PTE 1000cc fuel injectors
Spoolinup FPR

Powertrain Technologies twin-disc clutch, chromoly flywheel, metallic discs, progressive TOB
13/16" OEM slave cylinder
GVR4 trans with new syncros and FWD 5th gear (10% taller)
Quaife front differential
Shep center differential
SS clutch line
Rebuilt front axles
JNZ short shifter
2G shift knob
Extreme Motorsports stiff shift bracket
Skateboard bearings in shifter cables

H&R Sport springs, KYB AGX shocks
RMDSM rear swaybar
Front & rear strut tower bars
Factory Big Brake upgrade
Brembo rotors & Porterfield pads, SS lines
Poly bushings in every stock location (except front & rear subframes)
New swaybar endlinks front and rear
New ball joints front and rear
Welded rear trailing arms
Steering gear re-adjustment
Grant Signature 13" steering wheel
Welded clutch pedal assembly
Konig Traffik 16x7 wheels, Kumho rubber

AEM EMS w/ 5-bar MAP
PLX wideband
SPA dual oil pressure/temp gauge
GReddy 60mm EGT gauge
Autometer 52mm boost & fuel pressure gauges
CarbonTrix triple gauge pod
Relocated/rewired alternator with 2GA wire
Custom power distribution blocks
Trunk-mounted battery
Hella H4 headlight upgrade, 80/100w
Foglight mod

Methanol injection system from alkycontrol.com
Power steering removed
A/C removed
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Really impressive man, nice job!
AHHH!!!! I want my car fixed. Nice Work. Nice Dyno's !
I had some clutch slippage on the dyno and later on the street, after making the 627, because the organic discs I was using weren't up to the task. In the next couple weeks I'll finally get around to pulling the clutch out and sending it to PTT to get fitted with the metallic discs and a higher torque-holding pressure plate.

The power on the dyno was limited by my fuel pressure regulator, which wouldn't supply more than 46 psi of base fuel pressure. It's the old-style Spoolinup regulator, but it came with a stiffer diaphragm spring which I still have and intend to install. Once I get that and the clutch ironed out, it's back to the dyno with a goal of at leat 500 on pump and 650 on C16, which will be the limit of the turbo anyway. :)
Updated original post to reflect recent modifications.
You are an idol! I wish I could hit something that decent. I guess after I find a safc, injectors and fpr on a tuners budget I'll see what my car has....

i see that you are using a nt tb, did you just get a 1g's nt throttle body out of a junk yard, replace the seals and put it on? Or did you have the shaft machined to put in the turbo seals to help it seat better?
I didn't have anything on the TB machined.
do you know if you used the same o-rings from the turbo throttle bodies? Yours held 600+ to the wheels and people were saying that these will leak, im sold after seeing that. time to hit some junk yards
It was a long time ago, but I think I used the seals from MachV. It leaks a tiny bit but it's negligible.
I'll count myself lucky to have seen it actually run and drive around. I did have to keep myself from drooling a little.
Heh, old thread. :)

Who is this?
You should post some pics. Link don't work

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