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**NWS**Lets See pics of DSM's with girls

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Other one got closed, so let's try this again.

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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What in gods name does that car have done to its intstrument cluster??
Didn't you know that the stock cluster is useless - especially once you start thinking about revving to 11k?
Special for Red - a dedication to the 1g in return for the help offered :)

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No lie,the brunette in/on the silver 2G a page back looks like she could be my wife's twin. I asked my wife to pose on my car and she just kind of looked at me like I had 3 heads and said...."My back hurts,babe. Maybe on your Birthday" .............What??? Woman,get yo' ass on my car! ;-)
I'm guessing that all the DSMs are too rusty for women to get near them for any NEW pictures.
It would make a great tetnis shot advertisement though!
No love for the DSMs

boring and uninteresting

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Lat, please ship some of those hot thin women over here. All ours are FAT, narcissistic, and entitled.
Here's a few of my beautiful wife. Car pictures in the spring.


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Your wife is pretty, and nice to get up on the dirty work bench for some pictures that your showing a bunch of guys you have likely never met in person your wife in a bikini top and short shorts.

Just saying, I wouldn't have posted those, not with these old guys!
It's nothing more than they'll see at the shootout so I not too worried about it. ;)
Did you post those on Tuners as well?
I did.
Thought I saw them in the "hidden" hangout.
This is the thread that needs to come back...
I agree.
I'll have to see what I can accomplish this upcoming year for this. I have some plans, but none of them include any DSM's. Maybe an Evo though
Well why don't you make some plans to include DSMs then :p
I can finally contribute...

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241 - 260 of 280 Posts
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