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Oh man.....

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I am totally new to the dsm world and to this site, well here is my story. I bought a 1990 gsx for 2195 on ebay, the guy lives close so i thought what the heck, well two days later I turn a corner and it was way hard to push in my clutch, it was like pushing back. I downshifted into second and it ground really bad. Then i went to stop and the clutch wouldnt disengage so it just died because I could not get it out of gear, i took it out after it was dead and pushed in the clutch while it is nutural and it vibrates sooo bad. We pull it back to my house and look under it and the clutch or whatever it is you can see spinning is RUBBING ON THE TRANNY! wtf? Then i get to look closer and the top of the bellhousing has been cracked and has been welded back together. What is wrong and what do I need to do? I am thinking of getting an new clutch and tranny.
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def new clutch check to see of the flywheel or pressure plate bolts came loose, if not, it could be a good time for a different tranny
also, when re-installing make sure you use medium (blue) loctite on the flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts
Mine had pretty much the same symptoms when my clutch disc spit out a couple of the springs. Only way to be sure is drop the tranny and take a look. If it does end up being the clutch, make sure that both of your dowel pins are still in the engine before putting it back together.
Well I started tearing into it and I found that the front lower motor mount was loose and was hanging down, so I think that is what made my clutch go. I dont think i need a new trans....thank god
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