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oil burning

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hey. The other night on my way home from basketball practice i noticed that I was burning a TON of oil. when i got home I found out I burnt about 3 quarts in bout 10 min!!! I also noticed a leak comminf somewhere from my turbo. It looked like from the oil return line. Would that cause me to burn that much oil??
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Well if you saw oil leaking from the return line, then that probably your problem. I had a leaky oil feed line and i lost 2 quarts in about 3 minutes
>repost< *accident*
Does it leak it (on the ground) or you burn it (motor)?
There is a difference between burning and leaking. If your car burned up 3 quarts of oil in 10 minutes something is horrible wrong in your motor. NOW it if LEAKED 3 quarts of oil out in a short period of time all your problem is is a simple 3 dollar gasket. Go to your local mistu or chrysler dealer ship and order yourself an oil return gasket.
was it coming out the exaust or on the ground. that tells you alot and do a compression test because if your rings are done it will burn oil like crazy!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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