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Oil filter

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Anyone know if a 2g oil filter will fit on a 4g64 engine?
The reason I'm asking is because slowboy racing sells Mitsubishi OEM filters for 2g eclipse.
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They should be the same. I picked up 4 oil filters from Columbia Mitsu (800-324-3570) with club dsm price for $4.31. The part number is MZ690072. Those are for a 2G however I if memory serves me correct (haven't had a running dsm for almost 2 years) you should be able to use the larger 1G oil filters without any issues. Just call them ask to speak to Andy and make sure you tell them you are with club DSM, most of the time they are even cheaper than Tallahassee Mitsu.
For future reference. All mitsu oil filters from any engine will fit on another engine. No matter what year it is. It just depends on what size/capacity filter you are looking for.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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