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4G63T Head Oil Port Modification #1

This is a simple and effective mod done to the oil port from block to head.

I have found out a restriction can occur when excessive milling of the head has been done.
Resulting in low/poor oil flow through the cylinder head that can cause lifter tic, cam tower gaulding, and in some cases on turbo engines that feed the turbo oil from a port on the head, to cause the turbo to fail.

Appox mod time with head off engine is 2 mins.

Stock oil port….

Take a die grinder with an aluminum burr and grind and chamfer the oil port, while staying inside the gasket-sealing ring. (I find a ¾ base tree burr works best)

So the end result looks like this.

I prefer this to be done before the head is resurfaced.

I hope you find this useful.
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