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oil pressure gauge wires

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Well, I was driving down the road, and my oil pressure gauge dropped to the bottom. I immediately pulled over, but there was no oil under the car. I noticed that the wires that used to be connected to the filter housing at the sender were just dangling there. The previous owner of the car did some funky shit down there, and i can't figure out how to get the gauge hooked back up. I don't have my shop manual on me(it's back at school and i am home for thanksgiving break), but if someone could give me the colors of the wires, or just a good description of what hooks up to what that would be great. Thanks.

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Just use some ducttape and it will be all good! haha hows it going phildo? :p
Its a poor design and frequently comes off... still attempting to figure a way to rewire it. For not I just replaced it with a newer one and crimped it down more
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