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Oil Pump Timing Marks

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Ok, I'm putting this in a seperate thread so people don't have to read through my other one. This is from Ginsu's rebuild faq.

ginsu said:
If you do disassemble your oil pump, just line up the marks on the gears when you reassemble it.
How exactly do the marks line up. There are two gears, one small, one larger. They both have a timing mark in the center of one gear tooth. When I line up the timing marks, should the mark on the larger gear be on the right or left of the marked tooth on the smaller gear?
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Nevermind I figured it out.
your that close to being done already ? nice job!
I was just asking because I was a bit hasty when taking the oil pump cover off of the front case and forgot to examine the timing marks before I disasembled it. Well now I'm waiting for a new balance shaft bearing set since I damaged the old ones pretty good trying to get the front case out (and balance shafts) while the engine was still in the car. I did that and pulled the crank last weekend. No, I'm no where close to being finished. At this point, my engine is completely apart, and my back porch looks like a mini j/y.

Cleaning all the carbon build up off of the cylinders and in the grooves is a b****. I have 1 and a half done, and the one that is done doesn't look that great. Scraping all the old gasket material and crud off of the gasket surfaces isn't much fun either. I still haven't taken the head to the machine shop, and it'll probably have to wait until next week with us leaving for Turkey day. I'll be surprised if I get done before the end of the year at this rate.
Some people use those 3M Scotchbrite disks to take off old gasket material. Just as long as its non abrasive.
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