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Ok, I give up... fmic install, coolant loss, hard to start

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Ok guys, story guys... my car is running fine, and I decide to put a Dejon big Race FMIC kit on it... After installing it, I noticed I started the car, had to rev the RPMs up and hold it, and eventually it would hold idle.... ok.. weird... so I drive it home... its boosting GREAT around town... 10psi and running great. The next day, im still getting the problem with it being hard to start...ok, so when I drive it, I get crappy power at boost.... I can go WOT, and it will read 10psi steady, but the car makes really no power... Ok, so the problem persists the next day or two... I try reading and everything, no luck, I tighten a few things here and there and replace my knock sensor since I knew I needed it anyways... no luck again. Then... Im driving home, and my coolant light is on. Turns out, the car is now losing some coolant.

Could it be that I maybe just messed the radiator up or something by banging around it with the FMIC install? I cut the AC lines, but I wouldnt think that has anything to do with it.

The car starts fine after cold start.

Thanks guys.
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But what about the coolant?

If I was leaking boost, I wouldnt be holding a solid 10 psi would I? Ive never ran a boost leak test before.
The turbo could be putting out 20lbs of boost but only 10 is making it to the gauge.
Well,I had the boost turned down to 10psi for safety/testing purposes with the new FMIC... same as before... it feels more like it's maybe making the 10psi and making it to the gauge, but maybe 1psi is making it to the motor. :(

Ill try to rig up a pressure tester and see what it shows. As far as coolant goes.... i removed the secondary fan... and cut AC lines... could either effect losing coolant?
Even after refilling it, it still leaks down?
do u visibly see coolant leaking or is it being burned through the engine? are you sure you cut the a/c lines?
def. do a boost leak test..and for the coolant if you cant see the leak than pressure test your cooling system and you should hear the leak.
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