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opinion what do you think?

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it looks really tight... how much was that box or did u make it yourself?
Thats pretty slick. Thats one hell of an amp. Just a couple of questions. What size are those speakers? What Guage did you use for the power cable? Where did you run it through the fire wall? I know that the deck lid is much shorter then your set up, do you have any problems with the hatch closing or viberation? I dont mean to be ignorant but what is the smaller black box beside the big amp, is that another amp for your other speakers?
yea it is custome i did all the work myself.. and they are 12" subs, the power cable is 2g and i had to put a new hole in the firewall on the passinger side, as for closing i dont have any problems the bos is submerged in the trunk about 5 inchs so there isnt any issues with closing.. it also is ported into the back of the rear seats. the 2nd amp is a 1000 watt alpine its just kinda old to push the eclipse point source 5 1/4's without it i wouldnt be able to hear anything but bass...
Must sound great man...I'm downsizing to 10's...I can't stand not having a trunk...
cool...whats the sense you have no trunk, and subs and amp only last so long
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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