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ordering 50 trim tonight, got a question

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OK so the group has sold me on the 5031RLE Duel ball bearing turbo, now I need some more advise, do I want "external gate manifold mount" or external gate 02 housing mount, is one prefered, cheaper to set up ect, Sorry but I am new to DSM,s thanks do I want the optional portings, or 90 degree elbow? I have a killer head porting kit, so I guess I could do that, Thanks for any input!
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Well, hopefully you got tons of supporting mods for that bad boy...

You should have:

660cc or greater injectors
walbro 190lph rewired or 255lph +afpr
3" exhaust
safc/dsmlink or some other tuning device
fmic--you can run a smic, but don't expect to avoid heatsoak

If you got all that and a bag of candy, then you should have no problem with this turbo...I would've gone internal, but if you are willing to buy an ex. gate seperate than I would choose it off the manifold...

The 90* elbow only matters depending on where and how you route your LICP...

That is the turbo I have been looking at for my next dsm, so if it all works out, let us know how you like...

BTW: good luck w/ the install, I have heard things about fitment issues w/ the stock fan assembly and water pipe...If it's the scm50 then it should be a little better fit, but still, good luck
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I have a good FMIC, and piping, :)
I have a Walbro 255 fuel pump :)
I have an adjustablfuel pressure regulater :)
I have a HKS Duel Seq, BOV :)
I will be ordering DSMlink tonight or tomorrow :)

So I sill need injecters, catback, beter 02 housing,

is a internal 38mm wastgate the way to go, I really have no idea, I've only messed with small stock turbos. is this the better option
Personally I prefer the O2 housing mount. Mostly because it is a cleaner mount and because it pulls exhaust out of the collective exhaust stream and not out of just one runner.

In the real world both work equally as well.
i like the external mounted on the o2 housing myself also.. definitely looks cleaner with the benefits mentioned above :)

also here is something to think about.. you definitely can get the 90 degree elbow welded on the outlet of the turbo.. but keep in mind if you do that.. thats it.. another option is purchasing a silicone 90 degree elbow.. so you can direct it depending on the rest of your ic setup..
i would go without the 90 degree elbo welded on, i got it on mine and i regret it, because of my i/c setupd and my externally mounted o2, its jsut a pita. just get a silicone elbo
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