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Overactive BLADDER???????

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Well i have been experiencing many dsm restroom breaks.. yea my car is pissing out lots of coolent... it started about two weeks ago... sometimes i'll drive a short trip and basically all the anti-freeze leaks out... sometimes it doesn't somethimes i'll drive hard and it leaks then again sometimes it doesn't.. NOW i checked the upper and lower radiator hoses and as far as i can tell no cracks..it seems to leak right after the car is turned off. when it leaks i can't tell where it is comming from. Besides the hose that goes to the turbo, the resivor , both upper and lower hoses, and the heater hoses that reach to the fire wall is there any other places that i should be looking. I also replaced the radiator cap, and the tstat when i did my 6bolt swap about 4000 miles ago...please help me pinch off and solve this prob.
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Does it continualy leak after it is shut off or only for a little bit? Have you looked at your radiator to see if maybe it is cracked?
Can you tell at least which side of the engine it's leaking from?
Yea i yanked the radiator because it looks like it leak right in the middle by the center motor mount the radiator didn't look like it had a crack... but once it starts leaking it leaks untill there is no pressure left in the system... so if i have driven it alot then it leaks alot ... but it doesn't seem to do it as much when the car is driving, or at idle..
If you can get your hands on a pressure tester then I'm sure you could find the leak. That way you can run your hands around when the car is cold so you don't run the risk of burning yourself.
yea, i guess i should make one then see where i am at... thanks for the help guys...
Just to update this thread i found a 3 inch crack on the bottom of my radiator... i must have over looked it ... it sux!!!!!! Well there is only one thing to do.... time for metal not plastic.
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