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Overpriced 99 GST Spyder???

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Hi, I am new to the forum. I am thinking of buying a 99 GST Spyder. It has 18,000 miles and is in mint condition. It has a small amount of work done to it. Intake/Exhaust, springs, speaker system, 18" rims, and HID headlights. All the work was done around 2001. I was wondering if $13k would be too much for this car. The KBB price is $10,600. I think it is worth more than book because it has never seen winter and in prime condition to mod. Is it stupid to pay that much more for a DSM? Any advise is appriciated. Thank you!

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dat sounds great considering i bought my 98 gst spyder for 13k too. it had 44k miles and close to mint...althought this was 2.5 years ago...
It sounds like a good deal considering iv seen a 1998 eclipse that is shitty for 5000. Id go for it.
If it's as clean as you say it is,then i would get it.Still try to negotiate down a little anyways.Throw the blue book at him!!But 18k is a brand new car.I wish i could get one with that low of miles.
18K miles, buy it, put it on ebay, see what happens... if you don't make a profit keep it, hehe
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