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PC Talon's Project

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I have had this heap since November of 1995, it was my second car. It has out lasted many girlfriends, got me through high school and college and traveled the east coast. Here is is 2 weeks after I got it, fresh with tint and "TALON" script in the windshield.

I have been toying with it for years, mostly with the suspension and cosmetic details.

Suspension/Wheel/Brake Mods:
DSS Coilovers
KYB Struts/Shocks
Suspension Techniques Rear Sway Bar
Greddy Front Strut Bar
RRE Rear Strut Bar
Koni Bumpstops
Ingalls Front Camber Kit
Prothane Suspension and Subframe Bushing
Dunlop SP Sport 8000 225/50ZR16 Tires
Kosei Laufer 6 16*7 Wheels
AWD Big Brakes
Power Slot Rotors all round
Metal Master Pads all round
RRE Stainless Steel Lines
Motul Fluid

Engine Mods
Injen Air Intake w/ Dryer Hose Ducting
Archer/Borla 4 into 1 header
2.5" Cat
2.5" Catback w/ DynoMax Ultraflow Muffler
JM Fabrications Catch Can
NGK Plugs and Wires
Ground Kit

Interior/Exterior Mods
Dark Side Racing Carbon Fiber Hood
Blackened Headlight, 3rd Brake Light, Sidemarkers, Repeaters
TOTalon Front Lip
Sylvania Silverstar in Headlight and Pilot Foglights
No Decals
GTS Solar Wing
Window Tint
Gloss Black Valve Cover w/ Polished Letters
Momo Grand Prix Pedals
Blue Reverse Indiglow Gauges
Import Intelligence Red LED Needles
Blue LED HVAC controls and randomn interior switches
Greddy Counter Weight Shift Knob
Symborski Shifter Bushing
JNZ Short Shifter
Redline Goods Leather Shifter Boot & E-Brake Boot
Grant Steering Wheel w/ Eagle Logo
Repadded 91 GSX Black/White Houndstooth Seat
Corbeau Harness Slots in Driver Seat
Corbeau 3 point double release harness

On the way to the Shootout 2004, it had a "catastrophic" engine failure at 126,000 miles. Back to the drawing board!
So at that point I decided to get real with modding it and start throwing money away, I mean at it.:wall:

Now that the car is eleventy billion pieces it is in what I like to call a reloading mode.
With the help of Jackson Auto Machine, JNZ Tuning, JM Fabrications and Philadelphia DSM this Eagle will fly again. It will be a weekend toy and most likely enter road races for shits and giggles. It may not be the obvious route, but it will be an interesting one.

Custom built JNZ Tuning tranmission
90 6 bolt
Venolia Pistons: 13.5:1 Compression
Eagle Rods
Stroker Conversion
Revised Fuel System
Maybe a 75 shot
No A/C or Power Steering
Wider Wheels and Tires
TCE Front Brakes
etc...........stay tuned
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Hi why is it call " pc talon" Do you have a Personal computer in it? I did one in my talon

This is the end result, It turned ut pretty cool and had TONS of wow factor. I am thinking of doinf somthing like this agian with different electronics, maybe a Xbox 360 inside.

This build is found here, xboxtalon.blogspot.com
The Upgrade from the original setup is in progress upgradecar.blogspot.com
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It's his initials.
Cant wait to see what it runs like, Your setup is exactly what i would love to build, maybe a slight bit lower in the compression though. Mostly so its a bit more driveable daily.

Haha you can't put an actual PC
in the Talon, it's all about weight
reduction man haha.
Is this up and running yet? Ive been waiting on the results of this car. First ever fully built NA 4g63.
lasthope05 said:
Is this up and running yet? Ive been waiting on the results of this car. First ever fully built NA 4g63.
Putting the engine in next week.
Will post accordingly.
Not the first built NT 4G63, there are others out there, just not many of them.
Hey big props to you! I've always been intersted in seeing a N/T 4g done. You've waiting a long time too can't wait to see some numbers!
Enough chatter Paul...get that motor in your car already! :)
Sorry to bring this back.. But any updates on this?
GST_CSF said:
Sorry to bring this back.. But any updates on this?
Yup, ran into a few snafus recently. But made some progress too.
Pics my friend! I'm so excited! Also, could you either PM me, or post up a how to on the manual to power conversion? I've got everything I need sitting here, I'm just completely clueless. :huh:
I believe there's a motor in the car now........ but no tranny installed yet. When's this gonna run, Paul? :dunno:
Holy shit this is bad ass! Any updates!?
+1, leavin' us hangin' here man...
16G_tsi_awd said:
Any updates!?

gSx-LeX said:
Funny Alex!

Sorry guys, not much to update you with. Got caught up in personal stuff, change of jobs, health problem, etc... I won't bore you with that crap.
But the project is by no means scrapped. I will post some update in the next few weeks as time permits.
God damnit! I want to see a 300HP+ DSM without a turbo!
This is unusual and very cool. What are the plans for tuning/dyno when its done? I'd love to see what it puts down, and really want to hear how it sounds.
He is hopefully working on it this weekend, hint hint!
He is hopefully working on it this weekend, hint hint!
Oh, he will be!
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