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Pedal dilemma

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Ok here is the situation.....

I recently discovered a very technical canyon, lots of short heavy acceleration and constant braking, so I'm using left foot braking the whole entire time. The problem with that is my left butt cheek is exhausted afterwards, so I'm thinking about getting the PDE rally pedals where I could adjust the clutch and brake pedal to almost whereever I want. Since I'll also be doing a lot of auto-crossing I think it would be a good idea to do this. My ideal position is to put the brake pedal almost where the clutch is, and move the clutch to where its almost next to the dead pedal.

That leads to another problem, and that is if I relocate the brake pedal so far to the left, I can't use heel and toe downshifting. Any auto-crossers/left foot brakers have any advice/solutions for me? I'm confused. :confused:
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Just keep doing it, your body will get used to it. ;) At that particular angle you are probably just using a portion of the muscle you don't normally use.
I would just keep the pedal positioning the same! I mean you are sacrificing the wonders of heel/toe, just so ur ass doesn't take as much of a punishment? Nahh, i would just leave it the same and tuffen up a bit! :rolleyes:
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