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Phillydsm Hooters meet 12/3

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Since Phillydsm is down currently, hopefully nobody will forget about the meet.

Hooters @ Bensalem, PA

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i was gonna ask you about that. but after talking to wil and erik, they informed me that he was still gonna happen...cya there
I am hoping to be back from NYC in time to make it over. If I am there it will probably be DSMLess and with a motor in the back of a truck. :)
I'll be there too...DSMless also...that thing's a hunk of crap.
I am assuming this is the last one of the year, I'd like to make it out to something but that is my birthday and I'll be in NYC. Any dyno meets, or is everyone chilling out till the spring?
I completely forgot about this since the phillydsm forums are down again. Hope evrybody had a good time.
Wasn't bad...it was kind of chaotic...the place was packed! Nice seeing some faces I haven't seen in a while.
I wish i could have made it. I was trying but I was hung up on a damn axle. I didn't get back till after 10:30 and I was covered in trans fluid, oil, coolant, leaves, and blood.

The motor pull went well. :)
I heard there was only 1 DSM and an evo or 2 at the meet....:)
There was alot of confusion for new members with finding others. But the veterans all had a table. It was a good time. bad planning on my fault.. no more hooters meet during football season.
i had a good time at the meet. i finally got to put some faces with screen names and cars. i just wish i was there earlier because i didnt get to meet everybody. i think riding up with some of the guys and the bs we went through just getting up there kinda broke the ice, at least for me.

as for the dsms...haha, yeah. it was just me and another new guy that had them. however, like 3 im guessing other "clubs" were there. 2 of them had a few dsms each. and the other one, there were some subys. the other dsms were there after most of the guys left, so i guess thats why they didnt see them.

but yeah, everybody was cool. thx guys/gals! and can't wait for the next one.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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