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Pics of my eclipse

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here is the page my b/f's brother posted them on
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That's a DAMN NICE Eclipse! I like seeing a lot of brake with those rims. Need a Brembo kit ;)
thanks, I plan on doing some more upgrades in the near future.
Really like your car.I love those rims.I was looking at those rims in black not to long ago!
Bummer you need a front plate on it, though. Nice... wish mine was white.
I have a fmic I just havent installed it yet. I also have a fp big t-28, and walboro 255 for it. I hope to have that stuff on within the next month
Gotta say, I love seeing female DSM'rs...Seems like you really know what you're doing also...Maybe you will end up w/ a faster car than your b/f...Ha
Pshh. Just kidding. Clean car!! :D What are you mods? How big of a drop did you end up having?
I just have a injen intake, apexi n1 cat-back, spec2 bc, and the tokico spring and shock package. It lowered the car about 1.75 inches
What kind of rims are those, I think i fell in love..
I would have to guess Kyowas. Or a similar knockoff to them. I was considering those same rims in black last year. They look better than I had pictured.

Very nice car.
Like I said on FTF. Car looks great. Looking forward to seeing it run at Bristol next year.
they are the kyowa's. I was going to get them in black, but I got a real good deal on these since they had them in stock.
slow dsm, keep the fp t28 on the down low im not telling to many people as of right now, I want to suprize a few people.
Damn that's a pretty clean car. And the girl isn't that bad either ;)
hot car and hot girl.... what a good combo
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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