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PiLink is an automated datalogger for ECMLink ECUs. Tired of having to deal with a laptop, manually starting and stopping data captures in hopes you don't run out of battery or hit the brakes sending your laptop flying? This gives you a fully automated 12V solution but with a lot more! Some key features:
  • Storage on USB - review your logs wherever you like by pulling the USB drive and taking it with you
  • WiFi and Hotspot modes - connect to your PiLink wirelessly, whether at home or at the drag strip, and use its ECMLink software to not only view logs, but make changes to your ECMLink settings. No more messing with cables! Do this anywhere!
  • Remote Tuning support - connect your PiLink wirelessly to a cellular hotspot and a remote tuner can live tune your car remotely
  • Add a Display - Add any HDMI display and you can view ECMLink in action. Touchscreen as well as USB mouse/keyboard compatible allowing you to interact with ECMLink
  • Upgradeable - Want a digital rear view mirror? Want a GoPro-like action camera? Want touch-screen controlled Relays? Want an Android Auto car stereo interface in your aging DSM? These upgrades are all available to add to PiLink! Coming soon - a backup camera upgrade option!
  • 3D Printed Case - customizable with lettering or even graphics per your request at no cost. Multiple Case Material Colors available!
Currently on sale for $300 plus shipping/taxes. Payment via Paypal. Reach out to me directly for ordering or at John Freund Racing.
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