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Please help

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Hey fellow DSmers
Last week my car decided to quit start....i tested the coil pack and found out that one of the coil was bad because i wasnt getting any sparks on cylinder 3,2..i just replaced the whole coilpack and also new plugs and wires. Tried to start the car again, and still NO START, the engine backfired but the car will not
start at all!. Before when i crank it alot, i could smell the fuel under the hood from the flooding, today i smell no fuel at all and also i can't hear the fuel pump (stock), but when i took the fuel rail out and started the car, i see fuel squirting out of the injectors, so that kinda ruled out bad fuel line. Help me please.
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If it backfired, you may have the plug wires in the wrong order.
Or on the wrong coils.

That rolling sputter almost catch is exactly what it sounds like when they are inverted. (yes... i did it before... :rolleyes: )
Could be a bad power transistor too if your not firing plugs and your coils are good.
Had the same problem one time when my MPI relay went out. When you turn the car off do you hear it click. If you don't then it might be your MPI relay. That would cause no spark or fuel pump to work. It is located in your center console right near the ecu. First check to see that you didn't blow the fuse first. Also are you sure you didn't blow the ecu? If that happened it would smell like rotten eggs so you would know for sure then.
I just took out the ECU and everything looks good inside, no leaky caps or anything,. Where is the fuse for the fuel relay anyways? I think my MPI is good because i do hear the clicking sound.
the spark plug order is passenger side to driver side....4,3,2,1....and the coilpack would be 4,1,3,2 right?
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