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Power Slot Rotors are made using the highest quality original equipment designs, and manufactured to the highest tolerances keeping safety and quality number one. Slotting, unlike drilling does not comprimise the structural integrity of the rotor. These Power Slots will help your brakes fight brake fade and provide an escape path for the hot gases to escape.

What about cross drilled rotors? Cross drilled rotors are good for show pieces, but they do not perform like the slotted rotors! Even if performance is not your goal, unlike cross drilled rotors, these rotors will not crack! Many of our customers have found that their cross drilled rotors literally cracked at the drills, and when switching to slotted brake rotors, their problems were eliminated. Most top ranked race teams perfer the slotted rotors over the drilled rotors for better cooling, longevity, and overall performance. We recommend these rotors to all of our customers, whether they are looking for OEM replacement or extra performance.

Click here to order Power Slot Brake Rotors :thumbup:

This is what happens with cross drilled rotors:

Comparison shot of stock vs slotted:


We carry PBR Deluxe and PBR Metal Master pads.

PBR Deluxe Plus brake pads are perfect if you are looking for an extremely low dust brake pad that is also very quiet and rotor friendly, yet has the grip and fade resistance required for performance cars. These organic pads continue to work well at temperatures up to 716 °F, similar to OEM pads. The only thing you give up is the dust! So stop washing brake dust off your wheels every few days without giving up any braking performance.

PBR Deluxe Brake Pads

PBR Metal Master semi-metallic brake pads excel in high performance, high speed, and high heat circumstances. Plus, depending on your driving style, the life expectancy of PBR Metal Master pads exceeds other conventional semi-metallic pads by 200 to 500 percent. Fade, squeal, and unsightly brake dust have been virtually eliminated. Containing no asbestos, PBR Metal Master pads provide the ultimate in stopping power under all driving conditions - wet or dry.

PBR Metal Master Brake Pads

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