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power steering pump gone??

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(1997 eclipse rs) well its been a while since ive had power steering and it sucks and i want it back but i need some help...well it started when i replaced my clutch...i had to tow my car and im a cheap ass so i had my dad tow me with his truck...well he accidentally tied it to the power steering cooling line in the front...well it work but the line was ruined so i replaced it and reconnected the hoses and when i was done swapping the clutch i started the car and power steering fluid went everywhere...so i cut the car off and found a hose that wasnt connected next to the firewall below the cruise control box...so i reconnected it and refilled the resevior and started it and it ran fine...about 2 weeks later the belt snapped (wasnt tight enough) so i replaced the belt and i didnt have power steering anymore...no fluid in the resevoir but i left the belt on to keep my ac...i drove around for about a month and refilled the power steering resevoir and the power steering pump made a squeeling noise whenever the steering wheel was turned...well i just took the belt off and delt with no power steering or ac...i just found a hose from the power steering pump that was disconnected and im not sure where it goes...im looking to get this fixed before i leave for arkansas...the hose i found that i found goes up along the firewall behind the throttle body and stops behind the battery...i want to see if my power steering pump has given up but i cant keep power steering fluid in there...can someone please help me figure out where the hose i mentioned goes...any help and pics will be greatly appreciated sorry for the long story im just trying to be as discriptive as possible so i can get this fixed
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Don't really know what lines you are talking about. There are only two lines going to the firewall area that deal with the power steering. Both of these will go directly to the rack.

As for the pump, find the leak in the system, then fill it up with fluid and try to bleed the pump. You have to turn the steering wheel all the way left to right until you dont hear any more whining coming from the pump.

But if you ran it with the belt on and no fluid in it, then it is most likely trashed.
Yes, sounds like you trashed it when you ran it with no fluid.

I am not sure what line is under the tb either that is power steering. You are sure that is where your leak is at?
im almost positive thats where the leak is coming from because after i fixed the three hoses that were disconnected i still had a leak and just recently i found that hose just laying there not connected to anyhting and i followed it back and it came from one of the hoses connecting to the pump...im about to go back out there and search for a connection...i was told by one of those UTI students that it takes about a year of running the power steering pump with no fluid before you can burn it up...im not too sure i will deal with that after i fix this leak...if someone could get me a picture behind the throttle body and battery it would be greatly appreciated
I wouldn't trust that advice at all.

Is there signs of fluid leakage at that hose?
hmmm...i believe it was leaking when i started the car that one time when i had just put the tranny back in....i saw fluid spray out everywhere though so im not 100% sure :confused: the whole engine is covered iin oil so i really cant tell if there are signs...but the hose is coming from the pipe that connects to the pump...it goes towaard the firewall and is connected to a plastic pipe by a hose and that plastic pipe runs along the intake manifold and there is a hose at the end of it that is just sitting there not connected to anyhting
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