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Problem finding a Downpipe

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I bought a 93 talon ES (non-turbo) a while back and am just getting around to putting the JDM motor I ordered in it. I noticed that the flex pipe was ripped/cut off when they took the old motor out. The JDM motor has its own short section of downpipe attached untill it was cut.

Anyways, my question:

I've spent the past 2 days searching google, ebay, vfaq, DSMtalk, and other sites, but all I can find is downpipes for either AWD Turbo's or FWD turbo's. I know AWD dp's won't fit right. But will a FWD Turbo downpipe fit my FWD non turbo?

I'm just wanting to get either a stock, or cheap aftermarket dp. I don't have too much to spend, but an aftermarket would be fine. $200 is my limit, and thats a LAST RESORT. Anwhere I can find a good dp for my car, without putting my bank account into the negative?

BTW I'd rather not have to do any cutting/welding to get this to fit properly.
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You should go hit up a few junkyards. I see NT's all over the place at the ones I go to.
And if you still can't find one at a junkyard, have an exhaust or muffler shop make you one. It shouldn't cost $200.
i wouldnt recomend a junkyard for a dp,just find a shop near by and have them make you one as roman suggested,most dp in junkyards a rusted and dont have much life to them, plus youll be throwin boost at it and to be on the safe side i dont think a junkyard dp would be able to handle it.
just my thought!
No the turbo dp will not fit your N/A. If you go onto ebay or something, you can buy a cheap set of headers that would come with the dp for less than $200.
lol i spaced on non turbo thing sorry about that :eek:
Thanks guys, I got one at a local junkyard. It was a rough time getting it though.

We took wrenches, sockets and a saws-all with 2 batterys. The bolts wouldnt come loose and they told us we couldn't take the Cat, so we had to cut it off. Bad idea. The batteries died within 1/10 of the way through, so we had to manually saw the thing with the saws-all. It sucked. Two hours later we were just over halfway, so we rested it up on the frame and started jumpin on it to break it. I was 1.5 hours late for work, but I had an exhaust, radiator bracket, radiator cap (whole piece since radiator does have a cap on it) and coil pack, for only $20. It was worth it.

When I get my car runnin fine I'll get upgrades on exhaust and all that stuff. Untill then I just want it to run.
you could buy a new flex section from slowboyracing.com or autozone, just cut out your old one and clamp on the new one, that's what I did but I used a clamp that makes a good seal, works great now and I don't get cut by those awful metal threads anymore :)
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