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Hey guys I got a question regarding cold starts...

my car has a new fuel filter, new spark plugs (one range colder), perfect spark plug wires, charged battery, new oil change (mobil1 10w-30 + pure one filter) ONLY if I leave my car out for 1/2hr+ will it be hard for me to turn it on...

heres my situation:

lately around chitown its been getting real cold..and for a few days ive been running low on fuel (dont have $$ LOL)..now when I leave my car out for a 1/2 hr + it takes me 3-5cranks of the key for the car to stumble and start..and when it starts the idle shoots to 1500rpms and stays there for a bit and then VERY SLOWLY climbs down..and it also throws a CEL. I have no problems once the car starts it drives fine no unsual activity. Could it be my alternator? oh, fyi this SAME problem happend to me last year around this time..it only happens when its cold.

thanks guys...btw, yes i have searched but ive tried everything..please post your opinions..
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