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Problems, where to buy or does anyone have?

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I have a greddy td05 18g and its been spiking like crazy, i took it apart last night and there is a hairline crack right on the housing next to the wastegate flapper. Probably not weldable, would a crack that small cause a massive spiking issue? If I can't fix it then I will have to replace the housing, money is tight so I would rather replace just the housing and not the entire turbo. Anybody know where I can buy a replacement housing? Also, are dsm and greddy 18g housings compatible with eachother?
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Alot of turbo housings crack, it should not case a spikung issue.
You might want to contact forcedperformance, I have a 18g from them. They were having a sell on housings last time I checked.

cool, bump for more input
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