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had the profec B installed and running in my 96GST for almost 2 years now at 20psi. Worked perfect. Suddenly I can't boost above wastegate level which is about 10psi.

I disconnected the wastegate and full boost was achievable

Tried setting both low and high knobs to max with no change also messed with the dipswitches

disconnected the vacuum hose from rear on control unit with no change

measured voltages to the solenoids and read variable between 1 and 12v depending on knob position.

I ripped it out of my car and simulated voltages into the solenoid pairs to see what it took to crack them open. this is what I found:

~0-5 volts all air that comes into the IN goes out the OUT.
~6-8 volts 1 of the solenoids begins to bleed of air while still alowing some air to pass through the OUT
~8-12 volts NO air is passed out the OUT port.

To me this sounds like it is working great. but only 1 of the 2 dual solenoids would bleed air...which I found strange.

If i peer into the vacuum port on the control unit it looks like the pressure "nipple" is missaligned with the inlet. never looked before so I don't know if this is normal. But it does seem to vary the voltage to the solenoids with variying pressure into it.

Has anyone heard of the profec dying like this? peeps from greddy wouldn't bother with me on the phone and just said to send it back for analysis but it would take a month or MORE to get it back.

Any help would be great.

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