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put on a 16g..

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i have an evo 16g and an 2g install kit, is this all i need to bolt the turbo right on, i have one day to put it on, then i have school tomorrow so im just wondering so i dont need to go out and get stuff, should i buy oil and coolant and stuff to refill i need this answered asap, thank you
maybe post some experience you've had with 16g installing, thanks a lot
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i would, just incase, i changed my oil when i did my turbo, and i ended up draining my coolant just so it would be as messy
Start fresh. Oil and coolant.
Why not?
If you pull the A/C fan you'll have more room to work.
Not really necessary but its 4 bolts and one plug.
Make sure you have all the correct gaskets and tools.
And a 17mm deep to get the front pipe nuts off.
PB Blaster those the night before you do it.
Same with anything else that sees heat cycles you want to come off w/o
breaking. Such as the turbo to manifold bolts. Which you may also like to replace unless you want to try and get the UP stud out of the T-25 to use???
Why I'd never know... :rolleyes:
Chances are you'll snap one of them. Get new ones.
Make sure you use the thick washers, and if you can, use the cut spring type instead. My turbo likes to unwind them on its own. Probably from not having balance shafts.
That help?
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*ARRRGH* i just did the 16g, im done.. took me ELEVEN HOURS... STRAIGHT, im so hungry.. lol and dirty ahh and i have school in three hours... damn... well anyways, if your not too good with guys, bad temper, and no patients... dont work on cars :-X i swoar i stabbed at my engine like 20 times with a screw driver >.> and plus with the turbo kit is 'bolt on'... dont believe it, good night ,
another bad thing...
i dont even know if it worked yet.. i havent cranked the car and lubed it up yet, im doing it later today when im more.. awake.. good night/morning whatever.. :-X soo..tired....
Please tell me you atleast got a jacket at some point?
You so ca-raaazy... :p
I'm glad you got it.
What did you end up doing for the coolant lines?
Did you make them fit?
I seriously hope you got it all right.

See why I just switched the head and water pipe to a 1g?
Easier... :p j/k

It is a bolt on affair, but I believe you should have the 16g/14b coolant pipes that bolt to the turbo. I think having to use the ones from the T-25 is what fucked you up. Had you done this before, you probably could have done it in an hour or two if you had to do it again. Now you know. ;)
I hope its all good Rich. I know you tried real hard.
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*many..many... hours later* well, now the oil line is messed up, and NOW my friend broke a bolt off the exhaust manifold, NOW he always stripped a bolt, AND he also further broke my oil line, now it is leaking, and stripped.. FFUUCCKK ... life sucks right about now,
i made the coolant lines fit.. because i bought new ones.. i went to murrry's a FAR one that was open 24/7 that was about 40 miles away at 1-2am >.> just so ican get some piping for the water lines.... but ya.. thats how i got those to fit,

does anybody know how i can make the oil line stay on, can i like.. use JB weld or will just leak still? or do you guys know anything i can use to stop the leaking, thanks
Show me where its leaking.
You got to show me.
And tell bumble nuts to watch it. That kinda stuff is hard to fix.

Post it or send it out to me.
I'm out of here in an hour if your going to post on here.
i also just put in an evoIII in my 95 tsi. i had ported the turbo prior to receiving my gaskets, oil line, and fuel pump. from start to finish, after porting out the manny to match the 7cm and ported out the o2 housing out more. putting on all the goodies took me 6 hours. just had to wait for the j pipe to come in cause the one i received was hitting my slimline fans. next day i though of an awesome idea!..........put my stock fans back on :p. did so, took off the ac fan and i've had it like that since. just have the pipng goin under the crossmember right now, not too safe, but works ok if i watch for bumps. just looking at getting some universal aluminum piping to drop in the evoVIII front mount and get my downpipe made and im set till i get dsmlink ;). just for fun, what do you guys recommend being safe on stock injectors regarding boost? ive heard around 12-14. i have it at ten just imma sissy like that and i was running my friend the other night and it was freezing balls and it went up to like 13ish. you guys think im safe?
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omg.. i didnt even put my a/c fan back on yet.. if that BITCH doesnt bolt in without hitting stuff im going to be PISSSSSED... because i did sooo much work and my hands are almost sold JB weld because i had to freaking re-coat things because they sucked from the dsmparts.com turbo kit.. well to me, everybody has there moments with things... i will see if my car runs without leaks in like.. 10 min im going out, i will update and hopfully i will keep on doing what i do *boosting*
ya.. well... to cont with this.. it still leaks bought a new oil line, but the jb weld i used to seal up the last one is stuck on the turbo AND the line.. so iunno how the hell to get the line off beacuse the jb weld is just too fucking strong.. any ideas? thanks im thinking torching it off but can the turbo handle this?
I did a big 16g install on my car the weekend before last after my T-25 died. It took me 26 straight hours without sleep to get it put on ( Never did something like this before ). I had to make a oil feed line, a oil return line and custom make some intercooler piping because my old turbo's exducer was on the bottom, this one its on the top. I made the IC pipe from the stock LIC soft pipe and a friends civics exhaust pipe.

Needless to say, 1 day of missed work, a pint of blood lost but it fired up and it runs fine ( except for the 2 exhaust manifold bolts I that broke ). Those are being replaced tomorrow. I just hope tomorrows work doesnt take to long.

1: oil change
2: transmission flush/filter change
3: clean air filter
4: swap big 16g to 20g ( new exhaust mani and wastegate )
5: boost leak test
6: cut/trim front bumper for more airflow to FMIC and Radiator
7: rotate tires
8: add profec B boost controller
9: wire up light for boost gauge
thats all I can remember right now.

hopefully this weekend is long enough
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ya i ONLY broke one exhaust manifold bolt, heh.. but i finally got my freaking car home.. towed it ..at 1am hahah 150 dollars >.< still cant get it to work... im looking ofr a local person or company to do work on my car.. i need to get this to work.. i just need sumbody with a torch to torch off the jb weld (i hope htis will take it off) so i can get my new oil feed line and hopefully the damn turbo wont leak any more, does anybody know a place i can go..
NOT ams they over charge BIG time... thanks
im located in northlake IL 60164 BTW m thanks ahead of time..
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