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Question about Car Storage

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I just got into the DMS world this year, and have been reading and searching this forum for a couple of months. As a newbie, I can't say enough about this forum and how informative it is! Very much appreciated.

I searched for info on this, but couldn't find. I'm putting the Talon away for the winter, and just had a question about dropping a teaspoon of oil into the cylinders. I know how to disable the fuel, but am not sure what happens with the spark when I turning the engine over. I assume I can't just leave the wires dangling, not hooked up to anything, and turn it over with the key.

- Should I put the plugs back in, attach the wires, and then turn it over?

- Or leave the plugs out (but still attached to the plug wires) and turn the engine over?

- Or do I remove the plugs, and ground each of the plug wires to the frame, then turn it over?

Any advice or other suggestions would be appreciated.
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dont just disable your fuel system, release the pressure inthe system then run the car til i dies to get all the gas out of the lines. put some of that fuel preservative stuff in your tank.
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