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Raced 2 Evo's, WRX, and a 2G last weekend

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So i go out to a usual meeting spot and i see a green 2g with a front mount, i find out later he is running a big 16g. so everyone is driving up on the highway to head out to the "illegals" and we do 2 80mph rolls the first time i downshifted into 4th and pulled on him instantly by the time i was going into 5th i was 4 or 5 cars ahead of him, the second time i left it in 5th he stayed ahead of me a bit, then i caught up and passed him at about 110, then i shut it down.

After a cop came and broke up the races on the way back on the highway there was a blue wrx that was races modded evo's at the illegals, i catch up to him and we have a good bit of open road, so he takes off first, i left it in 5th gear and slowly started pulling him in, we shut it down when i was right next to him due to some traffic.

so then a silver evo comes up next to me, giving me his bov, so i downshift into 4th and let him hear my external dump, i wait for him to go at it, he did then i went i easily caught back up next to him and just kept on pulling, by the time i shifted into 5th he was way behind me. Im pretty sure he was all stock, since he had a temporary tag still on the bakc of his car.

later on that night we were chillin at another spot, and my friends tell me to race this blue evo that was there, i went up to the guy and started talking to him just to see what he had, he said he had hks 272's cam gears, mines reflashed ecu, intake, full exhuast. about 30 minutes later he brought up the race with me and the silver evo syaing he was behind us watching and he asked if i wanted to run. i said sure, we did 2 second gear rolls.

first time he pulled ahead of me pretty quickly, but when i hit full boost he stoppe dpulling on me and he stayed a car ahead of me.The second race my car was running kind of crappy for some reason and he pulled just a bit more on me.

my mods at the time were s16g, supporting mods, cracked 2g manifold, greddy emanage(tuned for about 30 minutes on butt dyno and logger).
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So explain how you were pulling on all these cars that should have eaten you alive? I'm sure people are gonna say, "Anything can happen on the street.", but there's no way you should have pulled on any those cars.
my thoughts exactly!
howis this impossible, the silver evo was stock. i dont know the mods on the wrx, but i have talked to the guy, and he has admitted my car is faster than his, then he challenged me on a twistie road.

the 2 g i raced probably had the same mods as me, who knows how much boost he was running?

and the blue cammed, intake, exhuast, tuned evo, i did not pull on but i didnt loose to badly.

i was running 17 psi, i dont see evo's as being fast in stock form, a wrx comes with what 200hp stock, i do not know his mods, but he was keeping up with a few black evo's at the illegals. the 2g had basicly the same mods as me, just a tiny bit bigger turbo than me.

are you guys' cars stock or what? no faith in the dsm's i guess
and i have talked to the guy with the stock silver evo, he just got a bigger front mount, everything else is stock for now, he said something about more mods. he also admitted that my car is faster, and then challenged me to race up a mountain, i declined.

the blue modded evo is supposivly getting a larger turbo and should be finished with it by tthis weekend, we'll see how that goes, since these races i have also stepped up to a t3/t4 50 trim
where in san diego are these illegals at?? Is it over at the 905??
im actually in Tucson AZ, i dont know why my location says san diego, but these were off of i10 just south of tucson.
haha okay.. nice kills though..
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