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Ralliart Lip...Anyone own it?

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I have only seen them on ebay can't seem to find them anywere else. Does anyone own one and was it quality or junk, also how does it look on the car. Im planning on running just a front lip, No bumber replacements. Pics would be good, not counting the red spyder from the other theard. I started this thread because that thread ran off topic.
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I don't like it because it is just a cover over your bumper. The lip I have is abs and will be a good test subject for a possible c/f replacement.
My fault greenstreak a "Bumper Cover" ie. a aftermarket front end. Sorry for the Spelling Error. What lip do you have spyder? Do you have a picture?
you mean this?

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exactly what I have been looking at. Has anyone heard anything about the lip? It's not a bad price but the shipping price hurts, but hey they throw in some cheap ass floor mats.
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