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really bad shaking in 1st gear

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well i replaced my clutch and when i took it for a drive i noticed that when the clutch isnt let out a certain way it shakes the whole car violently...is this cause by a burnt flywheel because the clutch i replaced was completely burnt up and i believe the flywheel may have been burnt also...thanks in advance
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I believe your clutch is chattering. You might have gotten some oil on it or the flywheel during reassembly. It could also be the flywheel causing it if you didn't get it turned when you put the new clutch in. You might be able to let it go and hope it burns the oil off or the clutch disc adjusts to the flywheel. I would reccomend taking it apart again looking into it more.
what will happen if i dont...i can shift properly and it doesnt do it one bit whenever i drive but if my friend drives it shakes like crazy...thanks for helping btw
SaphireDSM said:
...because the clutch i replaced was completely burnt up and i believe the flywheel may have been burnt also...
Does that mean that you didn't have the flywheel resurfaced before you put the new clutch in?
nope didnt touch the flywheel just bolted the clutch up
If it burned into the flywheel surface and marred it up it needs to be resurfaced. If it whent too deep you need a new one. Good excuse to upgrade to a lightweight one! Make sure you dont take off too much and drop below recommended step height. If you dont fix it it could wear your clutch in but itll drastically reduce its effectiveness and life span. Doesnt cost much to have it turned at a local shop. I had mine done for $20. Could get it done for a case of beer usually.
thanks for the help guys....i think i will just wait for the stock clutch to go out and upgrade the clutch and flywheel...any suggestions to what i should get...just for and rs nt...i drive it pretty hard...stage 2 i think should be more than i need but im not too educated in clutches...who makes the lightest flywheels...once again thanks for the help
ACT 2700 Extreme clutch with the street setup works well for me.
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