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Rebuilding Options

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hey guys,

I have been searching the forums for rebuilding options and I cant seem to find a good list of things to do to rebuild my motor. I have thought about doing the JDM swap but after hearing from my friends and topics online, I am better off doing the rebuild.

I am not too sure where to start or what to do. i know machv.com has an engine rebuild kit that I thought about getting and starting there but I want to take out the block and bore it out for larger pistons.

Any thoughts from where to go from there? I know that i need to replace gaskets and seals and everything?

Anything will help and thanks guys
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Before anyone thrashes you...do you have a certain hp goal? daily driver? budget?
I want a fast reliable daily driver. I am looking at high 400 to low 500 hp
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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