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Rebuilding Top End... Need some suggestions

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I was going to go with the HKS 264/272 setup but as some would know a lot of places do not have the 272 cam. Called HKS and they are waiting for Overseas shipment. I was wondering if you guys can give any suggestions about going with the FP2's. They have a nice price on them. If I do upgrade to them what springs are recommended. According to the website they have better top end then the HKS but loose a little on the bottom end. How much of a lost do you guys think it is? Also can someone give me info on porting. What is it? to do or not to do? Is there anything else I should have done to the head while it is in the shop? All suggestions is welcome
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anyone have any suggestions?
not sure about the cams. porting is grinding away imperfections in the intake and exhaust runners in the head and making the ports bigger and allow for better airflow. id let someone else do it, you can make things worse if you dont do it right
I have done some mild porting and polishing on my tsi. I took a dremel and ground all un-smooth defects in the casting (also increasing port size to my satisfaction). I did not take too much off the ports because I didn’t want to weaken the head. Then I took polishing pads and polished the exhaust port until it was reflective. I felt minimal power increase and engine harmonics changed even though the flow bench readings increased dramatically. I think it was worth it to do the work myself. I really don’t think it would be something I would have a machine shop do, unless I have the extra money to waste. There are much better upgrades you can do for less $. If u do want to go the distance…. u should also get a 4-angle valve job done and shave the base of the valve for maximum flow and sealing.
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