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removing vaccum lines

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Hey everyone

I've been lookin and I can't find and helpful info on removing my emission lines.
My car is a 93, so i have four on my throttle body, and another four on my firewall.

could sombody tell me what ones to dissconect and which ones to leave?
thanks ;)
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here is a good link:

this is from:
a thread that was around only yesterday...maybe try searching next time.
lol sorry, bout that
I think I even read that one!

thanks for your help
here's a vacuum line question. i bought a egr block off plate. it was a pos, when i put it on it leaked. can you leave the egr valve on and just block off the two nips? thanks
You should have sealed it maybe with a sealer along the blockoff plate edge.
i bought a new gasket for it, still didnt work
Just cut a coke can apart and trim it to fit over the EGR spot and put the EGR valve back on. Double it up and it will be fine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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