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Replaced CAS - Runs better but hot turbo.

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I am running an EVO16 turbo and 255hp pump with 450's and afpr on a 1G.

With the stock fpr the fuel pressure was at 47psi and the car was a dog.

With the afpr I dialed the pressure to 38 (1g M/T) and the car ended up in limp mode causing me to pull over and let it sit before I could get home.

I swapped in a used cam angle sensor and on start up the idles surged for about 3 minutes then settled down. I took it for a drive and it was a lot quicker and I got 24mpg hwy.

1. When you unplug and replug the same CAS does it reset the timing. I am wondering if it isn't the new CAS but just the fact that I unplugged it and plugged it in again that reset the timing.

2. My turbo glows red when I boost it which is normal but driving the freeway for 20 minutes at cruise and low revs doesn't cool it down. I am worried that I have done something that has screwed my timing or fuel mixture.

3. With stock 450's and a EVO16g do I still set the factory fuel pressure of 38psi expecing the factory computer to compensate the injector pulse for the higher air flow or do I need to raise my base fuel pressure. I am thinking the stock 38psi setting with the EVO16g is making me run lean?
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When you swapped the CAS did you set the timing again? If not, your timing might be way off from before. That could definitely cause some issues.
Yes, you are probably running lean. How much boost? Is your exhaust stock?
I didn't set the timing again but had the engine at TDC and slid the CAS straight in so I should be very close.

The stock boost is 10lbs and I have a 2 1/2 inch turbo back exhaust but I traded of a bit of flow for noise reduction by installing a baffled resonator that might be causing back pressure issues.

Tomorrow I am installing a EGT gauge in the manifold.
To start, verify the timing. You could have very easily moved it 10 degees when taking out the old one and putting in the new one.
If I buy a timing light which one do I get? Inductive or Advance?


Definately set your base timing. From the sounds of it you have it very far retarded.
Installing a cas without setting the timing is like turning the mbc and saying it's at 20psi. You need to set the timing.
I checked the timing and was pretty close at 5 BTDC. I reset it to 8 with the computer bypassed and it remained at 8 afterwards.

I had heard set it to 5 then the computer will reset to 8 but that didn't work for me.
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