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Replacing water pump, What else???

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I am replacing my water pump on saturday and figured since I have it tore down what else should I replace?? T belt is also being replaced why its off
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Might as well make it a complete timing belt job, itler puley, tensioner, tensioner pulley, balance shaft belts and pulleys. Possibley even do a balance shaft removal since you will have it all torn apart.
I looked at vfaq for the balance shaft removal but how hard is it to do?
I did mine out of the car and it was simple. In the car I have been told it is a little harder to accomplish but worth the time.
It is tougher because of space limitations but it is doable.

I'll secod the list 2 posts above as parts to replace while you are in there. Give me a call at JNZ Tuning (see sponsors section) and I'll put a whole T-belt kit together for you. :)
If its still in the car do it the half assed way.
Get the oil pump balance shaft "stub"
Leave the front shaft in, but no belt.
Same difference. Your engine isn't turning either, and it takes the weight off the oil pump. My 1g I did out of the car, my 2g I did as mentioned above.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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