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Request: straight 3" custom exhaust sound

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Hey, I am thinking about building a 3" straight through exhaust system for my 1g AWD. No resonator, no muffler, no exhaust, no anything. Just 3" piping all the way. Does anyone have a sound clip of this or know how it will sound like?
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its sounds good. but i think its way to loud, my buddy had it on his 90 awd and he got pulled over four times in a week and finaly put a muffler on the car. if you only going to run it at the track then i think it sounds good
just have a good cat-back system with dumps, thats what my friend did awhile back
i have mine like that, and though i havent driven it in FOREVER, it sounds good. a truck is what comes to mind when i think about it. i might end up getting a muffler put on though.
It sounds mean, but really nasty. I had rally cars driving around my neighborhood a few weeks ago and I loved the sound, but wouldn't want to listen to it daily.
i had it on my 90 awd and it sounds horrible and super loud... probably would get pulled over in a heart beat if a cop saw me..
Tractor power!
I got it on my car right now...i got a punishment racing 02 dump, 3" downpipe...no cat, no resonator, no nothing...just free flowing....its pretty loud...very noticeable spool noise...when u let off the gas (decelerating) it pops and gargles alot...sometimes throws a flame or two. I got pulled over once with it...got a fixit ticket...they threw it away tho :D All in all its pretty loud and mean...sounds like no other car out there....the best is...the spool noise...i can never get enough of that :D
Here is a video of mine on streetfire.


It isn't 3" though, it is just a little over stocker size I'm pretty sure. Fully free flowing and I love it. Highly recommend it if you can get away with the loudness in your area without getting pulled over left and right.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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