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So after 4 years of just sitting i have brought my 97 GSX back to life. I used to be really into the DSM scene here in Dallas when i was younger but kind of just got busy with life and had to put it on hold. But i'm back now and i really need some refreshers on how to get my baby going again. So far i have changed out the oil and replaced the NGK spark plugs. Car turned on and sounds really good. oil pressure is at 15-18 at idle and wide band is at 11.5 or 12.5 at idle. Also i heard a lot things have changed so i was hoping to get updated on that too. Ill list the mods i have done to it below. Right now i know i need bigger injectors, thinking maybe 1200cc and also want a short route intercooler. What are good sites to get DSM parts anymore and any good tuners in DFW area? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA

APEX N1 full exhaust and downpipe.
Upper n lower intercooler piping.
greddy blow off valve.
550CC injectors
Air filter w/ intake
Frank 3 turbo(rebuild by FP)
Walbro 255
Eprom chip tuned for my set up but probably need to get it retuned.
AEM wide band
PSI boost gauge.
ACT 2600 with 6 puck
Stock internals(rebuilt)
ARP head studs
manual boost controller
I believe that is all. I was running a mixture of E85 and 93 octane, I would fill up with 3-4 gallons E85 and rest 93 octane.
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