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Okay guys im a little new to this forum and everything but the word "ricer" is not one that i had come across before unless it was some illiterate ******* with an old truck. I mean im not particularly sure how you would classify one of these "ricers." I have a 95 GSX Lambo Orange,Full Bomex Body Kit, Halo II front headlights, Carbon Fiber Taillights Etc. I also have a 3" Greddy Exhaust, Injen Intake, Brembo Brakes (cross drilled rotors). My car has a wing body kit rims. I was just wondering what you would classify that as...im pretty new here and i was just wondering what you guys thought. Hopefully i can get these pictures to work and get u a pic up on here...until then your comments are appreciated.
EDIT: Here is a link to the the old EBAY site the guy i bought it from had it up on, Since then the stage III racing clutch has been installed and the motor torn out and the piston rings replaced. Also Eibach Springs and coilovers.
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I wouldnt really consider it rice. If it was fwd, the wing would be pointless. But its awd, so kick ass. Get a bigger turbo and leave the exterior alone as it is now. Just my .02
To me that is border line (the color stands out the most). If you get some good power mods then you can pull off the "exotic" look. If all you got is the exhaust and a clutch...then break out the chop sticks.

I would put some effort into power mods. Tons of info on them here.

P.S. Why do you need a race clutch before getting more hp? Also what is STAGE III ,name of clutch maybe? What brand and model number is the clutch. BTW calling things "stages" is very ricey.
Like everyone said before me, Throw some basic mods under the hood including an upgraded turbo and then you'll be okay. But damn... that's alot of fiberglass :eek: I want to say that the owner before you was going the ricer route, but you could surely change that with a little engine work ;)
kanda98 said:
But damn... that's alot of fiberglass :eek: I want to say that the owner before you was going the ricer route, but you could surely change that with a little engine work ;)
The first time i looked at it i only say the first pic. Now looking at all 24 i would say it is fully rice. I would tone it down a little by removing some things: like the "northstar" sticker, the blue interior lights, flame seat cover, faux-metal accents. The body kit is over the top, but it looks well done and the paint looks good, so i would leave that alone. Rims and brakes look good.

Engine compartment looks almost stock.
Not just basic mods.
That engine bay looks like someone forgot what a hood was because it didn't have louvers or windshield washer lights.

Clean it. All of it. The pics on eBay made me want to kick the last owner upside his head. I personally find that body kit distasteful.
Fenders, yes. Kit, No.
Wing, rice
Tail lights, rice

If you weren't on here asking.
I'd be pretty obstinate about the whole car being rice.
It has "local" show car cooties all over it.

That color also makes me ill.
Sorry, I know you didn't build it.
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since you bought your car off ebay and you know shit about it.. i would say your a ricer
I personally don't like it. Color,wing, lights, body kit, etc. It's a 95. The front kit was obviously made for a 97-99 because the ginormous(sp??) gap in the headlights. Your engine is really dirty. Clean that up and start putting power mods on. Now since I'm a nice guy, I'll mention the things I do like: The brake set-up, rims, the fact that it's a GSX and not a NT because that would change the whole thing into something even worse. I mean it's your car though so if you like it, who the hell cares what other people like me think about it.
looks like someone was trying to do something different... by being like everyone else.... sorry, its certainly rice in my book... :cool:
Ill be honest with you,
that is a pure RICER,
here are the reasons-
-You have a giant wing-your not flying anywhere and you dont have a rocket engine
-Its orange for godsakes!!
-Interior lighting??? dear lord thank god you dont have undercarriage lighting
-z-3 fenders...pointless?? i think so.
-intake and exhaust great mods.. but most RICERS stop at that along with headers....
-Euro type taillights..imo riced BUT arent that bad
-the head lights dont fit!!That huge body kit but no sense of getting a complete front-end conversion
-And Yes there is no need to remind anyone you are driving a MITSUBISHI, ugly sticker..
-holyMoly a SHIFT KNOB!!! 100 HP right there :rolleyes:
-and a stage three clutch may by something you might wanna consider researching...
-tires and rims are nice, im surprised there not chrome spinners or something

Ill give YOU respect because your new to the game, but the guy before you was obviously inspired by fast and the furious..he spent money on pointless parts, that money could have been put into your motor and turbo and im pretty sure he could have ran at LEAST 13s with that money..

sell the kit and wing, throw black rims and a carbon fiber hood on it, and you wont need to worry about the paint. and concentrate on that potential filled awd beast that is waiting to be unleashed,and only 70k miles on it!!

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110% rice.

The reason it only has 70k on it is because it was probably in a shop half of it's life getting all the tacky shit put on.

Funniest line of the ebay auction:


I think the hood was popped twice on that thing at most.
That car just screams rice. And you have got to be a ricer just by asking this. I mean, look at that car. What isn't rice about it?
God, why did I even bother being nice?

You guys made up for it tho.
Ill be blunt, as I always am, My friend is looking into selling his N/T Eclipse for a 95 GST with a big 16g in it. I was down with that until I heard some words come out of his mouth.

I want to put a Blitz body kit, a carbon fiber wing, side skirts, projector lights, and other things that made no sense to me. All I said to him was, " Eclipses are beautiful stock, take that money and make the car go instead of show. They turn heads already, all you are going to do is make other DSM'rs turn thier heads, not to stare at the car but to puke. Everything you want to do has no use. Lets make the car heavier, lets put money into things that are just going to break and fall off. I understand you want a car that looks good but sometimes it can go to far. A sports car doesnt look good doing a 18 second quarter mile because of all kinds of useless stuff."

if you are going for looks, go for looks. Do what makes you happy I always say. I personally cant stand body kits of any type. But whats show with no go?
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wow...... :eek: id have to agree with the other 90% of people in this thread that is riced to the max. Is that the shift knob you can get at autozone with the led lights that light up and stuff... hahaha and that back bumper has to go man seriously... I'd say sell the whole body kit, and get all stock bumpers and you'll be set to go. :D
The truth hurts...

I don't want to diss you, since it seems like everyone else here basically gave you a whooping, but I would be very careful with that EBAY SPECIAL!

The fact that the car has all of those cosmetic mods and then very few, but basic, power mods under the hood *and based on the condition of the engine bay compared to the exterior* I would strong believe that this car took a BEATING!

By the looks of the neglect from the engine bay, and the SCREAMING orange paint, I have a feeling the previous owner decided to make this honda-wannabe into a car he can rhomp on hard everyday...I would not be suprised if internal engine failure from 87 octane use and running with low oil decides to come up suddenly...

I think with a lot more work, this car can turn out to be fairly decent...I'm not a fan of bright paint, z3 fenders, and other show equipment on DSM's, but for some, it's somewhat tasteful :rolleyes:

if you enjoy your car, and promise to take better care of it, then go for it! It's you car, so try not to be too offended by our harsh comments...Plus, what did you expect....lol
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Sorry man, That's hard core rice in my book. Why can't people just keep their cars stock. They look good as it is from the factory. All you need is a good paint job and some rims and you're good to go. Why do all that ugly crap...Dump the body kit, and throw on the stock one then throw on the stock gsx wing. and if you wish...paint it jet black with a carbon fiber hood if you want attention... just my .02...but ofcourse you don't have to listen to me it's your car. :D
You got riced the fuck out!!!:p.Sorry bro,but that has got to be the nastiest looking bodykit i have ever seen on a eclipse.You need to get Dericed urgently.That thing is so riced out,your gonna have to spend money to do some dericing before you can actually mod it.Here's what i woul do,I would definatly get rid of that bumper.You can't go back to stock now cuz of all the rest of the body.So i would go with a better looking front bumer,or the stock 97-99 one with one of those ralliart lip/add ons.The altezass can stay since their not the wronchy chrome ones,but the center section has to either be nightshaded or painted black.Loose the wing and put on a stocker Turbo one,isn't that one big enough already?The interior ain't bad.I personally don't like the white gauge face on the stock instrumentation,but at least their a good brand.Neons belong in a strip club,if you got'em,get a ho or get em off.Your car has a wild look,so you gotta tone it down gradually while still keep in it hype.Your already at that flashy level,so you just gotta TRY and give it some class.OEM style carbon fiber hood would be next,then i would drop it.Since the rest of your kit is molded in there,i wouldn't touch it till it started cracking,which it will eventually.Once it does you can take em off and go back to stock.You would still be labaled as a ricer but who cares,it would look alot better IMO.I would start spending money on performace mods,as soon as i did step 1 of dericing.Thats just me,thats what i would do.You can do whatever you like because it's your car.Remember that.If you like something,go for it.who cares what people think.You wanna know what a ricer is here ya go.read up.


PS welcome to the boards.
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