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Rolling chassis needs a swap

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Hi, i've been searching around and every search gave me entirely too many pages, and the ones that were almost relevant pointed me to a rebuild kit.

But I may be purchasing a 97 gsx rolling chassis, needs an engine and drivetrain. Any ideas where I can get a stock swap? I come from the honda camp, so i'm used to being able to find full swaps, I only assume that it's at least possible to find them with these as well.

Any help would be appreciated or pointing in the right direction.

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I think there's a communication barrier here. I'm not sure what the difference between full swap and stock swap is.

If you're just looking for a stock replacement, you'll have a harder time because those motors have had some issues with crankwalk, they are new and therefore expensive, and the 90-91 "6 bolt" motors are easy to swap in and are also pretty cheap. Don't waste your time with JDM here, some people don't seem to know any better and think JDM mitsu motors are better (I know many honda motors are better JDM than USDM, but there's only about a 4% chance that when buying a JDM motor you'll get one of the very rare motors with slightly higher compression, a larger turbo, or larger injectors...and those are the only improvements, otherwise JDM and USDM are practically identical). Stock these motors are good for around 400hp no problem, and if you're looking for more you can always build one. My suggestion would be to find a good used 6 bolt, or build a motor from the ground up.
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Cool, thats pretty much what i'm looking for. Basically what I need is, a full engine, i.e. block, head, im etc. And a tranny and trans case.

Any ideas where I can find these complete?
I'd try your local yards since these motors can be good even after years of abuse. I haven't seen anywhere online that sells them for a decent price. If you're looking for something to put together yourself I can find the pieces for you pretty cheap also, and a full rebuild can cost $1000-$1500 (if you go with stock pistons/rods) so personally I'd have one built. I also know of a good shop that builds motors, and I could buy a core and have them build it, then ship it to you for probably about $1500-$2000 total, but I don't know what your resources are.
Anybody done buisness with these people http://www.jdmenginedepot.com/ ?

They have exactly what I need, a full complete engine, with all the goodies

They're prices seem reasonable, but the honda engine prices seemed a bit too good to be true.
That seems a little high considering you could buy a rebuilt motor for those prices...even if you take the cost of the transmission out of the deal. I personally wouldn't pay half those prices, but then again I have the resources to track down all of the parts.
Dunno, seems to work since it comes with all parts necessary, all i'd need would be a transfer case. I'm talkin, turbo, mani's, sensors, etc. Sure it'd be cheaper to buy a block, but i'd spend tons tracking down bits
Go to insurance auction and find 1st gen. You can get the complete drivetrain.
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