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rotor question/advice needed

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im looking to upgrade my brake rotors now that im putting down 375awhp i now need stopping power... i was looking at a set of cross drilled and slotted rotors front and back for my 2g awd.... is that a good choice or no? my car isnt a daily driver and i currently have hawk pads on it that are new...

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I've heard of the drilled and slotting cracking at the outer holes of the rotor...but i've never seen it. I have just the drilled on the es-tsi and they seem to work fine. Get a nice set of pads too.
Rotors don't do much for braking power unless you upgrade to larger size rotors. Pads can make a huge difference in stopping power. I went with plain stock rotors and Porterfield RS-4 pads, and I'm very happy with the stopping power.
I wouldn't worry about the rotors unless you need new ones. If you need new ones, go with slotted. If not, go with better brake pads. Going with a big brake setup would obviously be optimal if you can afford it.
set of slotted powerslot slotted rotors and some Porterfield Carbon/Kevlar Brake Pads should to the trick for you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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