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rough idle?? 300 rpm

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well yesterday my car started to act a lil weird so i thought it was the typical boost leak so i went back and i tightened all the bolts and and made sure everything was tight then i adjusted the bov to by making my greddy type rs bov harder cuz i thought maybe the valve was opening up with the turbo......anyways i am recirculating.

well when i was driving down the road when i had my foot at half throttle the car seems to sputter or not have full power well then i let the car idle and it doesnt die but it sounds like it is about to die....well then im backing out of my garage idle still at 300 rpm ....well im starting to think its a sensor....but what sensor the throttle positioning sensor the 02 sensor or the ISC but last the fiav

please help im going to try to clean my throttle body out maybe its open a lil

then im going to check out the prongs on the ISC cuz i heard if one of those starts going bad then you need to replace it

let me know what you guys think

thanks redline
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Do you have a logger? Is the check engine light on? If so you should be able to pull the trouble code no problem. If you don't have a logger, I suggest ordering one, for the time being take it to Auto Zone, they will pull the code for free in the parking lot...

the check engine light was on but i dissconnected the battery hoping to erase the code and turn off the check engine light which it happened but that does sound like a good idea

what is the best logger for the car???
Pocket logger is tried and proven, but Im a cheap ass so I bought one off of ebay for $8 and I use my laptop in the car b/c I can record 15 or so things at a time and virtually never run out of storage like on a palm. If you dont have a laptop then while hunting the net hit up again a place like ebay and you can find a nice Palm IIIc, for Id say between 40 and 60 bucks. Make sure if you but the ebay logger to get one for the palm or for the laptop so you dont have to spend extra on an adapter. And lastley, the ebay logger IS a bootleg copy of technomotives datalogger, It works freakin awsome. It was $15 shipped for cable and software, I couldnt pass it up. Well good luck, Hope you get it fixed, like I said above hit up auto zone andthey can read you're trouble codes for you.
cool thanks

ill have to order one i also have a safc spec 2 would that help any(not hooked up)
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