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S-AFC II for sale

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selling a blue SAFC II. 200 firm. used but have an unused harness to go with it.
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I'd offer you $150 dollars for it.

I just watched a black AFC2 sell for $160 on Buschur Racings forums after the guy kept lowering the price because no one wanted it. He also had it posted here and on DSMTuners.

Took him over 3 months to sell it.

Also there is another person here on these forums with a black AFC2 for sale for $175 that seems to not be selling.

Things just seem to be loosing popularity. I personally run DSMLink but I need an AFC or AFC2 for another project.

I'm sure you will ignore this message as you said the price was firm but if no one else buys it and you want to concider my offer, umm well whatever :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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