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SBR Manifold

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Purchased the Manifold and threw it on the car lastnight. I think its a great buy. Only one problem I had with the manifold. The top left nut could not be put on the stud because it would not fit. I had to go out and buy another nut to use for it. Other than that, great fit. I love being able to use my heat shield. It allowed me to put on my 20g without denting the water line and it almost let me use my stock fan with my wastegate ( not an issue though since the big16 melted the ac fan ).

I think its a great buy.
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How about a link to the product you are talking about.
SBR says the manifold is tapped for an EGT probe. What size probe does it fit and what runner is tapped?
The number one runner on the manifold is tapped and it fits 1/8th npt probes. Thanks for the reviews guys! :)

Yeah i have the older version and i have no issues with it.
I'm using an AMS adaptor plate for my GT35R.
I'm sure the newer version is even better!

i had the exact same problem. but it wasnt a big deal, and the manifold works great. only other problem i really had was the backorder of the part. took a really long time to get it.
what advantages does this have over a ported stock unit?
I really dont know for sure. I would say the advantages are

1: EGT Hole already made
2: Ready for an external wstegate
3: Its spaced out farther then a stock unit. I was able to fit my 20g with no problems, didnt even have to dent a water line

My only problem with the manifold is the #1 bolt, Far left, top one, does fit the stock bolt, I had to use a different one. But thats a minor issue for all the other perks of this manifold. Also, the ability to use my heat shield makes me happy.
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